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maker. enthusiast. storyteller.

about me

I am an independent consultant, researcher, strategist, maker, and writer who offers workshops, training, and project leadership in experience design, change management, emerging technology, making and tinkering for lifelong learning, and community development.

Organizations seek increased innovation, creativity, and collaboration. More demands on teams mean a greater need to connect, create, and innovate at a faster pace.

I work with teams to engage new technologies and ways of collaborating to promote creativity and community. My goal is to align your tools and strategies to meet your needs using holistic, human-centered solutions.

my mission

I am a maker. I do things that have never been done before. I see the opportunity to invent and improve. I am an enthusiast. I am an advocate for the joy & wonder of new endeavors. I open doors for ideas & forge collaboration across organizations. I am a storyteller. I have a passion for creativity. I create bonds between people. I strive to understand your voice.

Communities are built by people, with people and for people, and collaboration and relationships are the way to realize the value and the benefits of social investments. Let's build together.

connect with me

I would love the opportunity to work with you and I look forward to hearing your story! Send me a message. Connect with me on LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter. Read my work on Information Week and CIO.