Leave Room for Happy Accidents (Just Listen.)

Confession: I am a recovering over-planner. Now? I live more like a bohemian.

Don't get me wrong - structure is important to help us feel safe. We need to know where the edge of the pier is so we do not accidentally fall into the bay when we are not ready. We need psychological boundaries so we do not allow ourselves to be bullied or hurt. We need a business plan to outline our strengths, weaknesses, and goals so we do not stray from our desired outcome.

Life cannot be contained. To live purposely, we must manifest as much as we flow. If you plan/manifest/plan/manifest, you will end up exhausted with very little. If you add flow along with your manifestation, you will end up energized with abundance. We have to let go. We have to live (manifest and plan) and let live (open up and flow). To leave room for happy accidents, we must allow space for chance and trust in the uni-verse.

What if you posted a photo on social media and no one liked your post? Can you stand behind the beauty of your perspective?

What if you wrote a blog post and no one commented? Can you stand behind the wisdom of your words?

What if you spoke your truth aloud in Yosemite Valley and heard only your echo? Can you stand behind the strength in your authenticity?

Your life is not defined by a social media like, or a blog comment, or an immediate response. Your perspective and your words and your truth are all a critical part of a rising collective consciousness that needs your participation. Trust and let go. Instant-gratification is for the rookies. Give yourself a chance and some time and space to experience surprise. Be brave enough to give and courageous enough to receive.

The value of happy accidents does not only come from space and trust. We must also be able to creatively find connections among events and ideas and meet surprises with delight. Something falls, and you see a pattern in the clutter. You open up a drawer, and you find a gadget that fixes a problem. You walk through a forest, and you find a path that the trees have paved for you with their roots.

Serendipity depends on your observation. A happy accident is only such if you are able to see it.

The value of serendipity comes from your ability to -

  • allow space for chance
  • trust in the uni-verse
  • find connections among events and ideas
  • meet surprises with delight

Serendipity is not just taking time to observe the clouds. It is laughing with their movement, trusting in their existence, and discovering new worlds in their shapes and motion.