April Love 2015 - From Where I Stand

 Susannah Conway is hosting a Photo Challenge this April about - you guessed it - LOVE. Infuse a little more love in your life... on Instagram and Twitter (search the hashtag #aprilove2015).

#AprilLove2015 From Where I Stand

I took this photo on a beautiful sunny day over the Chicago River, looking east toward Lake Michigan. Our bridges are lovely if not industrial, and the cavernous echoes of the city breathe a little air along the river. It is windy along the river that twists and bends herself out to our very Great Lake, although the nickname Windy City does not originate from our weather. It just feels free over the river: open and suddenly full of possibility.

From where I stand, on a bridge connecting what was and what is yet to be. I'm in between. I am getting familiar with the unknown and finding my faith. I found this place in my hometown where I can go, and the city and my life match up briefly - I am here, now, and I will figure it out. From where I stand, anything is possible.