April Love 2015 - What Nourishes Me

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#AprilLove2015 What Nourishes Me

In a lush Kaua'i valley, there is a sacred place with a Hawaiian heiau and several shrines along a narrow path up a steep hill. This place has been sacred to people of many religions and cultures that have come to the island. The light dances through the rainforest canopy and wild orchids grow by the dozen. It is beautiful.

As I walked this sacred path, each shrine became a prayer and a surprise, as any spiritual conversation does. The journey became a prayer as well - I found a different person leaving the path than the one who entered. 

When I need to be fed, I go for a walk. Each person I meet, every animal that plays along my path, and each glimpse of nature's bounty is a prayer and a surprise. I am full again.