April Love 2015 - My Favorite Color

 Susannah Conway is hosting a Photo Challenge this April about - you guessed it - LOVE. Infuse a little more love in your life... on Instagram and Twitter (search the hashtag #aprilove2015).

#AprilLove2015 My Favorite Color

Lush, vibrant, and bursting with life: green. Part of loving ourselves is acknowledging our favorite things and treating our senses to pleasure. I love green. I love the smell, the sight, and the taste of green. 

Green keeps me grounded as the color of the grass upon the Earth. Green fills me with joy and hope for life. Every spring, the bare trees and bushes begin to bud and then erupt into a shimmering display of green. As the vines and trees burst with life, I suddenly can no longer remember what it's like in the winter. Green is a gift to savor, and a treasure of the Universe.