April Love 2015 - Shadows

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#AprilLove2015 Shadows

I was on the summit of Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawai'i, admiring the telescopes and watching the sunset. "Turn around!" Looking down on the other side of the tallest mountain on earth, her shadow appeared. Beautifully pointed on a puffy blanket of tropical clouds, the shadow of a mountain was the most stunning vista I have ever seen. We were there for the sunset, and the beauty of the shadow was unexpected and delightful.

Looking at Mauna Kea's shadow reminds me to care for my whole self, the light and the dark. Both are beautiful in their own ways. Just as I care for the bright joy I feel, I also make space for my darker feelings. When I love all the parts of myself as one whole, I stand tall like Mauna Kea: rooted in the earth, supported against the ocean's waves, and reaching for the sky.