April Love 2015 - Favorite Flowers

Susannah Conway is hosting a Photo Challenge this April about - you guessed it - LOVE. Infuse a little more love in your life... on Instagram and Twitter (search the hashtag #aprilove2015).

#AprilLove2015 Favorite Flower

The lehua blossom remains a native Hawaiian beauty I have only admired from afar. She is sacred to the Hawaiian volcano goddess Pele, and I respect Madam's wishes to leave this blossom on her tree. The ohi'a lehua tree is one of the first to grow on new lava flows, and the blossom and tree represent lovers reunited after one was separated from the other.

Beautiful and fiery, the lehua blossom is a reminder that love blooms even in the most unlikely of places. When I stop waiting for things to be perfect, when I let go of the idea of any semblance of control, the universe blossoms into something even better than what I imagined. Letting go is letting love grow.