April Love 2015 - Evening Rituals

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#AprilLove2015 Evening Rituals

I'm so tired right now. I have barely anything to say, and I feel broken and hopeless. I have so much weighing on my mind, this past week has been testing me, and my house has been hard-hit by the flu on top of it. There is much to be tended to, and I want nothing to do with it. Enter the evening ritual.

A simple prayer. Maybe only a few words, although most likely it is just a moment of silence. Every night. This photo sums it up: mostly darkness, with some light shining through onto my meditation pillows, with a silent prayer to The Uni-verse. I think one of my favorite writers, Anne Lamott, says it best:

“Prayer is talking to something or anything with which we seek union, even if we are bitter or insane or broken. (In fact, these are probably the best possible conditions under which to pray.) Prayer is taking a chance that against all odds and past history, we are loved and chosen, and do not have to get it together before we show up. The opposite may be true: We may not be able to get it together until after we show up in such miserable shape.” Anne Lamott