April Love 2015 - My Morning View

Susannah Conway is hosting a Photo Challenge this April about - you guessed it - LOVE. Infuse a little more love in your life... on Instagram and Twitter (search the hashtag #aprilove2015).

#AprilLove2015 My Morning View

One of my last visits to Maui - this was the view from my bed every morning. Every morning there was a rainbow, and if I didn't stop and look up, I would have missed it. I practice lingering in the morning as part of my self care. Very few things in life are an emergency, and a few minutes of prayer, reflection, and rest keep me spiritually fueled for the day ahead.

Rainbows are special to me (I love the magic of weather!). I always think of this wonderful quote from Maya Angelou: try to be a rainbow in someone else's cloud.